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Great Expectation Fine European Lingerie is the premiere site

 for Baudelaire men's shaving, fragrance, bath and body products.

Baudelaire - made in France



Some have discovered shaving can be an indulgence rather than a chore. By introducing Provence Santé shaving accessories we've paved the way for a revival of shaving as a rejuvenating and pleasurable part of personal grooming.

Actually, half the fun of shaving is lots of lather. The other half is that smooth, soft feeling when you're all done. Provence Santé's master savonnier (that's a soap maker to those of us who parle anglais) has blended some of both into our shaving soap—using a rich vegetable base with glycerine, shea butter and a bit of Luzenac talcum to fight razor irritation. Plus, essential oils of linden and vervain for a wonderful fragrance.

How best to use this marvelous savon a la barbe? With badger hair brushes. Its resiliency and delicate points make badger hair the gold standard in brushmaking. Each brush is hand crafted by skilled artisans, with the luxurious bristles secured in a redware handle specially made for Baudelaire.

Redware is sturdy. The color doesn't fade and, since it's fired at a high temperature, it absorbs little water—an ideal material for a dish designed to last for generations of shavers.


If you're going to sport that trendy goatee, you might as well fast forward completely into the past and shave like a real man! All you need are our moisturizing shaving soap, badger hair shaving brush, and sturdy redware shaving dish.


Verlaine soap $10


Gift Set $70


They say that the typical man spends 3,000 hours of his life shaving. Now that you can have the ultimate shaving set from Baudelaire, those precious hours in front of the mirror will be serious quality time. Lather on!

Two Real Men's Fragrances

Verlaine is a mildly erotic and definitely poetic fragrance favored by everyone from construction workers to interior decorators. For the more meditative among you, Green Tea is a refreshing, lightly caffeinated fragrance reminiscent of dawn in a Zen monastery or midnight at the Oasis. Both are exclusive Baudelaire fragrances.

Cologne 1.7 oz - $15


Fragrance for Men

To call a product a Cologne it has to be bottled in the city of Cologne! This one isn't. So we won't call it a Cologne. It does however, look like one, act like one, smell like one and is formulated like one. Get the picture?

Shampoo/Body Wash

Time to bring a clean little secret out of the proverbial closet. A lot of guys can't be bothered with using both soap and shampoo. So they use one or the other from head to toe or vice versa. Our new Shampoo/Body Wash was designed for just this important time-saving tradition of male bathing.

Shampoo/Body Wash 6.8 oz - $12.50


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